A to Z Metal Finishing



requently asked questions


  • Do we polish? No

  • Do we do zinc platting? No

  • Who do I email my request for quote to? Send an email to Yuriy Oganesyan our estimator at Yuriy@AtoZmetal.com.

  • Can customers come into the shop without an appoitnment? Yes. We have a front office to cater to business and residential customers.

  • Do we handle small residential jobs? Yes but we do not pick up parts at residential locations.

  • So you pick up parts? Yes but for Business to Business customers only.

  • Do we do quick turns? We do offer expedite service at an additional fee. Our standard turnaround is 3-5 days.

  • Do we repair metal dings? No

  • How big are our paint and powder booths? Ovens are 6 ft wide and 8 ft long

  • Do we powder coat rims? Yes.

  • Do we do the removal of the tires? No.

  • Do we match anodize colors? Yes.

  • Do we anodize lower receivers? Yes, as long as they are not complete.

  • How big are are our anodize tanks? 8ft x 4ft

  • Hours of operation? See Contact Page